How to Choose and Compare Bartending Schools


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Tony Sylvester, owner and CEO of ABC BARTENDING SCHOOLS, is a decorated Vietnam veteran who volunteered to serve his country during the war.  In Vietnam he stood side-by-side many Floridians who fought for their country.  Today Tony still serves and fights hard to make sure his students get the best in bartending training and job placement In Orlando as well as nationwide.

Tony has put together the top training staff in Orlando to make sure his students get the best our Florida Bartending School in Orlando has to offer.

Since Tony opened his first Florida Bartending School in 1977, he has seen many other schools come and go in Florida.

Tony Sylvester has NEVER closed a school in Florida or nationwide since he first started training students back in 1977.  He has heard and seen some area school owners ‘talk the talk’ but have never ‘walked the walk’ in battle or had the success in expanding their school operations nationwide without using misleading gimmicks to do so.

Tony and ABC suggest there are a few QUESTIONS & ANSWERS to think about when choosing or comparing Florida Bartending Schools here in Orlando:

Q: Has the owner of ABC been written about in major newspapers statewide and throughout the nation?

A: YES. No other school owner has been written about more than Tony Sylvester and his Bartending Schools in the state of Florida and nationwide.  Click here for examples.  Tony has also been featured on a number of major South Florida TV stations.

Q: Does ABC’s competition have letters of recommendation lining the walls of their schools made out to the current location or owner from Bars/Hotels/Rest that operate here in Florida.

A: No, but ABC thinks one school owner said he had a letter from some out of state school, which has no relevance here in Florida.

Q: Does ABC have a placement list that shows where students have been placed in the Orlando area in their website?

A: Yes, Click on the Job Placement link for a sample of some of the great places we have gotten students work.  Remember, no school has placed more students in Orlando and Florida than ABC.

Q: Do they teach you service bar and full service training at their school?

A: No. They have no service bar setups at their school to teach students banquet or private party bar service.

Q: Do they demand that you have to come in to sign up and won’t register you over the phone?

A: Yes. Schools use this sales practice so that they can high-pressure you to sign-up when you come into their school.  For your convenience, ABC gives you the choice to register either over the phone or in person.

Q: Do they mislead you with National Alcohol Certification claims to make you assume that your now certified as a bartender nationwide?

A: Yes, one school in the Orlando area uses this type of sales gimmick.

Q: Do they mislead you with claims of written contracts with cruise ships and job opportunities here in Florida?

A: If they are not posted on their website beware of such claims!

Q: Has the owner of the school written his own bartending training manual or does he buy it from an outside source.

A: Tony has written his own book and does not pay anyone to furnish books like our competition.

Q: Do they have many links to other schools with different names on their website?

A: As pointed out above be careful of schools that use this type of sales gimmick.

So remember when choosing or comparing a Florida Bartending School in Orlando or statewide go to the following areas of our website to see how Tony Sylvester documents all of the above:  Job placement, articles about the school, testimonials and history of the school.

Please stop in at no cost to see if bartending is for you.  Experience our beautiful live bar atmosphere at our downtown Orlando location, you will think you're in your local downtown Orlando bar.

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